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EMMECI has had in its quality and innovation the key factors on which it has built its own growth and success. The achievement of UNI EN ISO 9001 in 1999, the extension to "version 2000" of UNI EN ISO 9001, in 2008 the extension to the "version" of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and finally the transition phase To 9001:2015 just ended are the logical consequence of this commitment.

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The Single Administrator defines the Quality Policy; It documents the goals and commitments assumed, depending on business strategies, suppliers, customers, employees, property and stakeholders in general, to maintain and improve the performance of the Quality Management System while maintaining Compliance with regulatory requirements and applicable binding requirements.

The Quality Management System, as described and defined in this document, must allow compliance with the commitments assumed by the Single Administrator and the Property. For this reason, the AU is of the utmost importance for Emmeci's staff to participate in the implementation of the Quality Management System, in order to achieve full customer satisfaction and market image consolidation.

Below is the statement of the Quality Policy:

Emmeci's mission is to ensure maximum satisfaction of the interested parties through the marketing of engines, components and spare parts, diagnostic tools, workshop equipment and tools for industrial vehicles and motor vehicles. In order to seek and maintain a significant position in the market and reach the satisfaction of the stakeholders and customer loyalty, Emmeci is constantly committed to:

Develop service techniques designed and built to meet customer needs, anticipate their expectations, and deliver solutions that create value for the customer; Operate a selection and systematic control of the products marketed and possibly of new good quality products; Speed ​​up product marketing by adopting the most innovative and reliable technology tools, making organization more efficient by utilizing all the potential. To fulfill its mission, Emmeci intends: Develop and maintain a Quality Management System as a tool for achieving the objectives, respecting the commitments undertaken, promoting the continuous improvement of business processes, ensuring compliance with the tangible requirements for marketed products; Adopt an integrated risk management system to ensure that residual risk for all marketed products is kept to a minimum by providing a risk management policy that is commensurate with the various product hazards; Engage all the energies and capabilities in listening to the indications, suggestions, customer desires, even through the "field" activities of the agents (external vendors); Focus every activity on customer needs to meet it better and faster so as to affirm a market leader position; Promote the active participation of bankers (internal vendors) and agents (external vendors) in order to make the services more efficient to the customer and to meet the needs of the vendors themselves; Consolidate the relationship between the stakeholders in order to provide customers with the most value-creating, safe, reliable, high-tech products at reasonable prices; Provide products that comply with all the requirements imposed by existing legislation so as to ensure the safety and health of customers and users of the means involved; Spreading in your organization the appropriate culture and methodologies so that anyone working there is constantly able to deliver the best service to the customer and expected; Ensure a high level of satisfaction of all employees through the search for maximum loyalty and sense of responsibility; Encourage staffing and leadership to be able to achieve their own attitudes, interests and predispositions and develop their technical and organizational skills. In carrying out its mission, Emmeci is committed to: To provide customers with high-quality, high-quality products and services to demonstrate transparency and reliability, to ensure the quality of the product marketed at competitive prices through analysis and cost containment; Towards suppliers to foster a profitable "alliance" so you can be an active part in defining performance and product features, and provide the support you need to understand and define your customer's requirements and relevant product requirements ; To encourage employees to encourage initiative, encourage professional growth, secure profitable and serene professional relationships, ensure a safe working environment in which everyone can be satisfied; Towards Property, to foster the growth of the Company, ensuring adequate profitability and financial stability, indispensable elements for the affirmation of the Quality Policy. Quality creates reputation and reliability. In Emmeci, all the participants in the Value Chain need to be committed to ensure that the Quality Policy is transposed, implemented and disseminated. Each of us in Emmeci has the commitment, the motivation and the involvement to achieve and share the Quality goals. The Single Administrator promotes Quality Policy and ensures that at all levels of the organization the Quality Policy is assimilated and shared. Administrator


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